1. Why was the shrink removed?

In Japan, It is a common thing for Pokémon to remove the shrink wrap before selling them to vendors. They carry the same contents as boxes with shrink, however , the shrink on these boxes have been removed.

2. What happens if my box doesn't have the guaranteed hits?

If your box does NOT contain the guaranteed hits you would normally see in any normal box with shrink, then you are eligible for a full refund and money back GUARANTEE if you QUALIFY for it. The only way to qualify for the guarantee is, you must record the opening of the box and packs with no breaks in any part of the video. The packs must remain in the cameras view AT ALL TIMES. You also must have a timestamp in the video with YOUR name and order number to mitigate the reuse of videos. 

3. What do you do to verify legitimacy?

All boxes will undergo authenticity checks by both our vendors and by our shop here in the US to first determine if the box has any signs of being tampered with. We will check for any tears, bending, or signs of the cardboard-strip being ripped or tampered with. We will also assess the weight and feel of the box's contents.