Learn about us!

DotsCardShop is a locally owned small business out of Houston, TX!

It is a 1 man show as of now but looking to and is expanding very quickly as each day goes by!

Basically, our mission is to provide the best service as possible when it comes to TCG products with that being providing the best prices, the best customer service, and the best all around product's with a guarantee in quality and performance!

Our pride in Pokémon and TCG's alone leave us to believe we can ensure these things and put an end to any bad experiences you may have had in the past! With us you will have transparency, top notch customer service, and of course the best quality products!

With that being said, we offer some of the best Japanese, Korean, and English TCG's that will provide you with all of your collectible needs! Our products are authentic products shipped to us by some of the best suppliers in all of Japan to ensure us with the safety of legitimate product and top notch quality items!